AmpliFi HD — Most beautiful design mesh system

The system consists of a router and two plugin mesh points that can expand the network coverage, they are nearly works of modern art. The front of the router has a beautiful full-color LCD touchscreen that displays the time and date, and you can tap the screen to reveal stats such as current Internet speeds (upload and download), router and WAN IP addresses, as well as current throughput speeds.

AmpliFi HD
AmpliFi HD

High-Density Home WiFi Mesh System


  • The router houses a single-core CPU, 802.11ac circuitry that supports 2.4GHz and 5GHz Wi-Fi bands and delivers up to 1750Mbps wifi speed.
  • Similar to other systems, the AmpliFi HD has a mobile app that lets you manage settings, but it also uniquely allows you to segregate its two radio bands and have separate SSIDs, letting you manage traffic more easily. Unfortunately, there are no parental controls on this unit, but most won’t find that to be a deal breaker.

AmpliFi’s uncompromising industrial design is meant to complement your home. Show it off proudly; your router is no longer something to hide.

Amplifi HD makes a whole white cube design (3.9 x 3.9 x 3.9 inches), looks very fashionable. The most attractive element is the touch screen embedded in the front of the router, this touch screen can be set up to show the real-time status of the network, network traffic, the real-time …

For the wifi signal amplifier, it uses a magnetic adapter to adjust the angle, you can maximize the increase in signal coverage angle.

Of Ubiquiti’s devices, the AmpliFi HD is the most robust. Made for large, multi-story houses with dense walls and other obstructions, this device uses six high-density, long-range antennas to cover up to a whopping 20,000 square feet. (Don’t worry, the antennas are internal, so it keeps a sleek aesthetic.)

8.7Expert Score
Excellent !

AmpliFi HD is the most beautiful design wifi mesh system



  • Attractive industrial design, with a touchscreen LCD.
  • 4-port gigabit switch on the router.
  • Simple Installation and Configuration Process.


  • The MeshPoints Lack Any Ethernet Port.
  • Some Features Are Still in Development.
  • Coverage is good but not great because of their design.

Amplifi HD has rich design elements so that it is very outstanding in the same kind of product. In terms of performance, it also in the upper level, if you want to have a science fiction style package products, why not try it?

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