Best 8 wifi router brands 2018

WiFi has become a necessity of life. Choosing an excellent wireless router has become the first major issue in the home market. A good choice on the wireless network makes you stay away from the embarrassment.

1. Linksys, Origin: United States

Linksys is the top wireless router brand in the United States. It was founded in 1988, Belkin bought Linksys from Cisco in 2013.

As a recognized leader in network connectivity solutions, Linksys is the undisputed dominant brand in the field of routers, connecting multiple wireless devices in large rooms while still maintaining optimal operational performance and delivering large volumes of data at high speeds. The Linksys AC2600 (EA8500) Router won numerous international awards, including the “2014PCWorld Best Router”, the “2015Tweakers Awards Best Router” and the “2014CES Innovative Design and Engineering Award”. The Linksys AC2600 (EA8500) Evaluation topped the list, the overall performance is far superior to other manufacturers of similar products.

Linksys as a high-end router brand in the domestic e-commerce site only the higher prices to choose from, the price range of 1000-3000 yuan, for users with sea Amoy capabilities, Linksys also have high-quality parity wireless router, E1200 Rated as Best Cheap Wireless Router on CNET and ConsumerSearch websites, Amazon in the United States costs less than $ 30.

2. ASUS, Origin: China Taiwan

ASUS was founded in 1989, Asustek is one of the top three consumer notebook brands in the world. It is also the world’s largest motherboard maker and the third-largest graphics card manufacturer in the world with strong technical strength in the field of IT accessories. In 2015, ASUS A total of 4,368 awards from the world’s professional media and appraisal agencies. ASUS Router won the honor of 2015 Consumer Genius, 2012-2016 for five consecutive years, the United States PC Magazine Magazine Reader’s Choice Award in the evaluation of CNET’s Web site Asus’s products occupy the 2016 best wireless router five seats Three seats, of which RT-AC88U is called “wireless router in Lexus.” ASUS routers in the network strength and operational settings have a strong advantage, and a rich product line, covering a variety of price ranges to meet different consumer needs, focusing on network quality of consumers, ASUS high-end wireless router series is more recommended.

3. Netgear, Origin: United States

Founded in 1996, NETGEAR is one of the world’s leading business networking solutions and leading brand of home networking products. NETGEAR is one of the 50 fastest growing U.S. high-tech companies in eight consecutive years. In 2003, NETGEAR was the only computer network company in the United States Nasdaq exchange successfully listed. The Netgear R6400 is considered by the wirecutter as the best choice for wireless router consumption upgrades, while the consumer search website ranks WNDR3700 as the best Wireless-N wireless router offering faster speeds, longer reach, and more reliable connections. NETGEAR wireless router products of the same variety, covering almost all price range, but also recommend its high-end wireless router as a consumer upgrade choice.

4. TP-Link, Origin: China ShenZhen

The world’s leading provider of network communications equipment was established in 1996, is a Union Technology Co., Ltd. under the brand. TP-Link products have been covered in 128 countries around the world, with excellent research and development technology and product control. The TP-Link Archer C7 (v2) wireless router is considered the best wireless router on the wirecutter website, and the TL-WR841N wireless router is rated as the best affordable wireless router by CNET, saying it “meets the most basic families Network Requirements. ” As a wireless router brand familiar to consumers, TP-Link products cover a very wide range of products to meet the needs of different levels, for the average family, is a very cost-effective choice.

5. D-link, Origin: China Taiwan

World-renowned network leading brand was established in 1986, listed on the Taiwan Stock Exchange in 1994, is Taiwan’s first listed network company. The D-Link DIR-857 HD Media Router 3000 is among the best of CNET2016 Wireless-N wireless routers and is a feature-rich wireless router in the 5GHz band, but not the 2.4GHz band. In the United States, “Consumer Reports”, D-Link two products 5,6, in the vicinity of the network throughput, ease of operation and functionality have a very good performance, but the common drawback is the coverage Not wide enough. D-Link wireless router mainly covers the low-end market, to meet the needs of the average family is still enough.

6. Synology, Origin: China

Synology is one of the few Chinese companies specializing in providing network storage solutions to gain worldwide recognition for its network storage server (NAS) vendor. Synology, a NAS-well-known company, has also added its powerful network storage technology to wireless router products. Its only wireless router, the RT1900ac, was selected as the best wireless router of 2016 for evaluation at CNET. An additional wireless network storage server, on the e-commerce site price of about 1,000 yuan, for the average consumer may be more expensive, more suitable for NAS routers interested consumers.

7. Apple, Origin: United States

The world’s most valuable brand was established in 1976. As a famous American high-tech company, not only personal computers, smartphones, tablet PCs and other products but also wireless routers, audio-visual products, and other accessories business. AirPort Extreme was voted Best Mac Wireless Router by ConsumerSearch and was also named the 2016 Best 802.11ac Router on CNET’s Web site. Apple router is different from other routers is that you can not enter the address in the browser to enter, can only be set using the airport software, although the price is higher than other brands, but for the use of a variety of Apple products, consumers, Its elegant design and stable performance is still worth the choice.

8. Huawei, Origin: China ShenZhen

As the world’s leading provider of information and communications solutions, Huawei was founded in 1987 and has become the world’s largest telecom equipment manufacturer since 2012. As a well-known technology company, Huawei has strong capabilities in several major areas of optical transport networks, mobile and fixed exchange networks, and data communications networks. In China’s “Consumer Reports” evaluation, Huawei WS831 ranks first in comprehensive evaluation with its advantages of radiation power, signal strength, and appearance. Huawei router biggest advantage is that through its official client can be very easy to operate settings for small white users are very friendly, as an easy-to-use wireless router, it is suitable for wireless networks without special requirements for ordinary consumers.


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