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6 key points of wifi mesh network you should know

It is worth mentioning that, wifi mesh network is the next most popular wireless technology  trend. If you are still hesitant to choose a wifi mesh network product or other traditional router products, I believe you will have a deep understanding after you reading this article. Here we list 6 key points, maybe you’d better carefully read it, ok, let’s get started. First, the google tells us the trend of wifi mesh network like below.

trend for wifi mesh network


What is wifi mesh network?

Wifi Mesh Network (Wifi Mesh Network), also known as “multi-hop” network, is a new wireless network technology that is completely different from a traditional wifi network. Wifi mesh network is a kind of new network structure based on multi-hop routing and peer-to-peer network technology. It has the characteristics of mobile broadband, and it can be dynamically extended, self-organizing, self-managing, automatic repair and self-balancing.


What is the difference between wifi mesh network with other routers?

wifi mesh system

Compared with traditional wifi, wifi mesh networking’s  transmission distance and mobility is greatly improved, in particular, it has a compatible wifi features, so the wireless Mesh network will increase the transmission distance and mobility of wifi, Extended wifi applications to provide a great help. At the same time, the current popularity of the terminal application for the rapid promotion of wireless Mesh will bring benefits. Therefore, WIFI and wireless Mesh networks can complement each other and integrate with each other.

In a traditional wireless local area network (WLAN), each client accesses the network through a wireless link connected to the AP. If the user wants to communicate with each other, it must first access a fixed access point (AP) This network structure is called a single-hop network. In a wifi mesh network, any wireless device node can act as both an AP and a router. Each node in the network can send and receive signals, and each node can communicate directly with one or more peer nodes.

The biggest advantage of this architecture is that if the nearest AP is congested due to excessive traffic, then the data can be automatically rerouted to a neighboring node with a small traffic flow and so on. The packet can also be based on the network, Continue routing to the nearest next node to transmit until the final destination is reached. This is the way to visit the multi-hop visit.

Wifi Mesh Network is a wireless area network solution that is well suited to cover large areas of open area (including outdoor and indoor).


When and How to choose a  mesh wifi but not traditional wifi ?

From a business perspective, manufacturers certainly want more users to pay for new technologies and new products. But we remind each consumer, not everyone is necessary to follow these new trends, whether to buy wifi mesh products is based on your actual situation to decide.

We recommend that you consider the following questions before purchasing wifi mesh system
1>. Is your house so large that there is a wifi signal dead?
2>. Do you live in a Multi-storey place? And the signal coverage is not ideal.
3>. Do you have a lot of wifi devices in your home to surf on internet?
4>. Have you done anything but still can not solve the problem of wireless signal quality with traditional routers?
5>. Are you that one who likes to catch up with the new technology trend and new products?

So, if you really have those problems, we suggest you make a try on wifi mesh products. In fact, the traditional wifi router or signal extender can also meet the 80% of the family’s needs on wifi, but probably for various reasons, they did not have a nice experience on the good effect of wifi extender or routers.


What should I take into consideration before making a payment?

NO.1 You should consider the cost 
We have to talk about the price in front of the new technology. There’s a huge difference in price between a traditional wifi device and a wifi mesh system. If you’re not planning to spend very much money to expand your wifi network, you might be stuck with purchasing an extender, or repeater, or high-quality router. We also have made some simple summary of these programs to facilitate your price reference.

wifi mesh product price

Considering that a repeater is predicated on a current network which you already must repeat the signal, it’s the only aspect that you want to buy, where as a mesh network is its own complete system, replacing your existing community, which of direction goes to be more luxurious. you would possibly, however, be capable of buying a mesh network with just 2 or more separate hubs to bring the cost down.

NO.2  Which kind of products is more convenient to manage and maintain 
In general speaking, it’s more simple for wifi mesh product to install, and you can use an APP software to control the networking,  the traditional wireless devices in the process of installation is a little cumbersome and complex.  But because the Mesh wifi product represents a new technology,  you may need to take some time to understand how to maintain your network.

NO.3 Several products on Amazon maybe you have interested in

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Linksys Velop Tri-band Whole Home WiFi Mesh System

2-Pack (coverage up to 4000 sq. ft), Works with Amazon Alexa

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Eero Pro Home WiFi System

Advanced Tri-Band TrueMesh, Gigabit Speed, WPA2 Encryption, Replaces Wireless Router and Range Extender, Works with Alexa (2nd Gen.)

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Netgear Orbi High-Performance AC3000

AC3000 Tri Band Home Network with Router & Satellite Extender for up to 5,000sqft of WiFi coverage (RBK50) Works with Amazon Alexa

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AmpliFi HD (High-Density) Home WiFi System

The AmpliFi HD (High-Density) Home Wi-Fi System includes a Router and two Mesh Points for Wi‑Fi coverage throughout your home.

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Google WiFi System

3-Pack,Router replacement for whole home coverage

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Tp-link Deco M5

Unique Antivirus Security Protection and Parental Controls | Up to 4,500 sq. ft. Coverage | Works with Alexa and IFTTT | 3-Pack



What ‘s the new feature and advantages of wifi mesh network?

According to the wireless mesh network transmission connection and features, wifi mesh network has the following advantages,

NO.1 Device deployment is quick and easy to install
Configure a device for powering up the device and automatically accessing the network without complicated configuration and wiring installation.

NO.2 Non-line-of-sight transmission (NLOS)
For a data transmission point of the data sent by the launch point of the direct line of sight from the equipment or user acceptance, and the receiving equipment and users is an AP, the data can continue to forward out to reach the equipment without direct line of sight Equipment and users. In this way, the wireless Mesh network with non-line-of-sight transmission characteristics greatly expand the wireless broadband applications and coverage. In the outdoor and public places have a wide range of applications.

NO.3 Network stability
The data in the wireless mesh network can be forwarded and transmitted through different nodes. When one or some of the nodes are faulty or disturbed, the data can be forwarded through other working nodes. The data transmission of the whole network is not affected.

NO.4 High bandwidth
The physical characteristics of wireless communication determine the shorter the distance of communication transmission, the easier it is to obtain high bandwidth, and the short distance transmission is less interference. Therefore, selecting multiple short jumps to transmit data will be an effective way to obtain higher network bandwidth The In the Mesh network, a node can not only transmit and receive information but also acts as a router to forward information to its nodes. With the increase in the number of nodes and the number of possible paths, the total bandwidth is greatly increased.


What ‘s the disadvantages of wifi mesh network ?

NO.1 Security.
Compared with the single-hop mechanism of WLAN, the multi-hop mechanism of the wireless Mesh network determines that the user communication needs to go through more nodes. And the more security problems will appear as the increasing node of the mesh network. The Internet itself is the use of Mesh way to communicate the typical, its security risks are well known. Although the end-to-end security technologies used in wired networks, such as virtual private networks (VPNs) can be used to address wireless Mesh security issues. But as the Internet, the wireless Mesh network security is a problem cannot be ignored.

NO.2 Communication delay
In the Mesh network, the data is forwarded through the intermediate node. Each hop will bring some delay at least. With the expansion of the wireless Mesh network, the more jumps, the greater the total delay will be accumulated. The current solution to this problem is mainly through the addition of Mesh nodes and the appropriate network protocol. With the emergence of multi-wireless Mesh node technology, this problem will be finally resolved.

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